T.D. Jakes comments on Same Sex court ruling

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td-jakes-on-same-sex-marriage-the-world-is-gonna-be-the-worldBishop T.D. Jakes commented in one of his recent sermons on the Supreme Court Ruling on Same Sex Marriage. In this video clip, Bishop T.D. Jakes comments, “We should not lose our mind over the world being the world and the Church being the Church”. He also went on to say “The Supreme Court makes its decisions based on the constitution. God does not judge you by the constitution, He judges you by the Word of God.” Bishop Jakes also made references to Romans 1 and 1st Corinthians 6, saying the Supreme Court was not debating these scriptures when making these decisions. Bishop Jakes also encouraged the congregation and all Christians to continue reaching out to non-believers. Check out the entire clip: 

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